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    ✰Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your time here! In this blog, I will be highlighting some of the happiest moments of my life and the experiences and people who made that happen. 

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    Movie Review: Avengers Endgame

    OOHHHHH MMYYYYY GOOSSHHHHH!!! If you are an Avengers fan, then you will love this movie and most likely have already seen it or are seeing it this weekend (opening weekend). Endgame was the perfect ending to a fantastic series. Even if you are not a fan, I recommend you start watching the Avengers movies so you can enjoy what so many people enjoy and see the Endgame before it’s spoiled. I can’t post any spoilers because I would not want to ruin the film for anyone but know you will feel all the feelings seeing this movie. happy, sad, excited, its all there in the Endgame and i could nit…

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    The First Amendment

    I was asked to interview 5-7 people and show them the first amendment and see if they recognize it and ask them what they think about it. Here are the results. People my age that I Interviewed: Regarding the first amendment, the majority of the people my age recognized the laws and agreed with all of these freedoms. They don’t think people should be forced to believe in a particular religion because this is a free country. They also think people should have the right to say, publish, and assemble for any reason they desire. They don’t believe any of these provide people with too much freedom unless they are…

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    All the President’s Men

    I watched All the President’s Men on Netflix for extra credit. The movie is about two reporters, Bernstein, and Woodward, who single-handedly uncovered the Watergate scandal. This story wasn’t easy for them, but they persevered and followed the facts from a numerous amount of sources. Initially, I didn’t think I would like the movie, but I loved it! I didn’t know much about the Watergate scandal before the film except that it drove Nixion out of office. I also thought he was impeached, but in reality, he resigned. It was so exciting to find out how so many essential personnel in the government played a part in this scandal. Being…

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    Favorite reality shows

    The bachelor / bachelorette Say yes to the dress Americas next top model The bachelor/bachelorette I love this show so much!! If you like unnecessary drama and televised love, then this is the show for you! The show is all about finding a fantasy love which will ideally lead to an engagement. The show is very dramaticised but aslo very entertaining at the same time. Say yes to the dress This show is so amazing. I love watching the brides find their perfect gown for their special day. Personally, I want to be a wedding planner for my career so I find so much fascination in this show and it…

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    Summer bucket list

    A list of fun ideas to do this summer! go crazy go stupid cliff jumping go to the lake swim in a pool eat popsicles shopping spree picnic go to a concert go to the beach go skydiving build a sandcastle go hiking have a dance party go wake surfing & wakeboarding watch the sunset go fishing go to a waterpark make crafts go camping movie night watch fireworks water balloon fight road trip make tye dye shirts game night bike rides dance in the rain drive around for fun eat everything bake desserts from scratch lemonade stand color with chalk jump on a trampoline slip n slide go bowling…

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    Creative Writing: Tales of Greybriar House

    Dear diary, Today is April 23rd, 2002 and its Luke and I’s six-month anniversary! For our anniversary we wanted to do something memorable and in private if you know what I mean, so we went to the Greybriar house. I don’t think I’ve written about the Greybriar house before, but apparently, it’s this super old like 1800’s old house that’s “haunted.” My nana and mom were telling me that at least fifteen people have died there over the years and some even recently. Luke and I figured this fear would bring us closer together and help us trust each other even more. Also, it’s spooky which is kind of sexy.…

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    My favorite movie of all time is The Great Gatsby. I absolutely love Leonardo DiCaprio which helps make the movie even better but setting aside that love, still an incredible movie. The movie is unlike any movie I’ve ever seen. The film is based on older times and habits of the rich. The movie is told from a character Nick Carraway’s point of view who has just moved in next to Jay Gatsby and across from her Cousin Daisy. The movies take you through the story of Nick and his place in the world of the rich and his interactions helping Gatsby reunite with his long lost love. Best movie…

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    Telluride, CO!

    For about six years now my family has traveled to Telluride, Colorado to ski and board over Christmas break. Telluride is one of the most beautiful places on earth! They have a wide range of slopes ranging from beginner to double black diamonds. All the slopes are very well taken care of and always snowy over Christmas time. Telluride has many slopes that take awhile to finish and are exciting to ski down. Telluride also has an extravagant downtown and mountain village area. The mountain village offers numerous types of food, ice skating, ski shops, and shops. The downtown has many cute shops and for souvenirs and ski gear to…

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    TED Talk: The Price of Shame.

    In this post, I will discuss one of my favorite TED Talk videos called The price of shame by Monica Lewinsky. In this lecture, Ms. Lewinsky discusses her story and how the internet has impacted her life. She says how her story was the first story to break on the internet reaching to so many more people than any scandal had before. She discusses how people had the possibility to add comments, which in her case, were mostly negative, rude, and threating and how these comments affected her life and wellbeing. This TED Talk opened my eyes to the substantial impact that rude comments can have on an individual. Ms.…